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Image of Lewis Derogene, artistically known as PhenomenaLewis
Image of Lewis Derogene aka PhenomenaLewis with her "The Lady and The Chair" prints during her residency in France. 2022.

Lewis Derogene, known artistically as PhenomenaLewis, born 1997 in Haiti, currently based in Connecticut, USA. Her artistic journey was significantly influenced by her upbringing in a family filled with creatives, where her mother was a fashion designer in Haiti, and her aunts and uncles pursued careers in music, painting, and sculpture. From a very young age, she had a strong interest in the arts, which she has passionately pursued and embraced throughout her life.


Lewis holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree from the School of Visual Arts, which she earned in 2019. Currently, she is enrolled at the Academy of Art University, where she is working towards a Master of Arts (MA) in Fashion Art Direction. This advanced degree represents not only a significant qualification but also a unique opportunity for Lewis to combine her artistic talents with a visionary role in creatively directing various productions, such as fashion editorials, music videos, and entertainment industry projects. Her aspiration is to share her profound creativity with the world and leave a lasting mark on the arts.


Throughout her artistic journey, Lewis's work has been infused with a compelling sense of nostalgia and a deep longing for connection. Themes of identity, the power of storytelling, and the attraction of imperfection are central to her artistic exploration. Her goal is to create art that resonates with the heart, awakening emotions and connections within individuals, allowing them to find deeper meaning within themselves and the world around them.


Lewis is a versatile artist who skillfully works with various mediums, including photography, 3D modeling, sculpture, installation art, painting, and drawing. Her portfolio showcases an extensive body of work, reflecting the depth of her identity and the numerous sources of inspiration that fuel her creativity.

She draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, such as Rembrandt, known for his mastery of chiaroscuro, which expertly guides the viewer's gaze, Aida Muluneh, whose simplistic yet bold photo manipulations resonate with her, and Muholi Zanele, acclaimed for their powerful self-portrait photography.


At the core of her artistic journey is a strong desire to express and embody softness as a Black woman. Lewis's work serves as a compelling exploration of identity, art, and humanity, inviting viewers to join her on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and creative expression.

Follow her social media @PhenomenaLewis.

To support Phenomena's art practice, please visit her funding page or purchase a limited-edition photographic print to your collections from her online art store.

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