My name is Lewis Derogene, but I go by PhenomenaLewis.

I was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti and lived there for eight years before residing in the United States. Currently I am based in Brooklyn, NY.

I studied BFA Fine arts at the School of Visual Arts and currently work as a teaching artist to elementary students in Brooklyn.

I focus mainly on digital photography and experimental video/performance.

When I create, I try to isolate the self as an inspiration from Rembrandt's paintings where a subject is surrounded by complete darkness. The idea of being isolated to me represents completion, understanding of one self, growth and power. Those representations are elements that are never found in the same place at once in regards to one person. So, I decide to visually represent them in photographic form, video, installations, drawings, or sculptures.

My ideology behind my process of creation circles around psychology and human behavior. I like to consider the mind and how different thoughts can lead to different actions and the relationship between the mind and the body in different circumstances be it spiritual, political or sociological.

I feel that with my work, it's not spot on with the representation of my ideology, but it's definitely there.

I have a complex mind where my thoughts wander around a mile a minute as well as everywhere and anywhere. Some of these thoughts are questions I have of people's behaviors and the way they think in connections to its effect on others.

I guess you can say it's an interest in sociology, but this is the part where narcissism comes in. With these thoughts I focus not only on the actions but on my reactions; I become mainly angry because most of the time when I observe people, their actions or words or thoughts are unjustifiable. I don't stand for acts like this, I am a person of the people and them having rights just to be.

I guess that would label me as an angry black woman. I do have a poem about that, but you would have to read it in my writings.

Besides the anger aspect of observing the world, I also become mesmerized. It's almost as if I'm in a trance with the beauty of people's thoughts and words and actions. A lot of those would be of the sublime and some may say divine.

That mainly comes from people of the African Diaspora and the growth they've progressed over the years. Some of it is the activism of so many others indulged in selfless acts of uniting and fighting for their communities, identities, and this planet. Very few are from those who as I walk down the street do a nice gesture without the expectation of a reward.

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