Lewis Derogene, artistically known as PhenomenaLewis, is a Black female multi-media artist born in the island of Haiti currently based in both Connecticut and New York.

She received her Bachelors in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in 2019.

Lewis' primary medium is digital photography. She does however work with other mediums such as drawing with charcoal, graphite, or sharpies, oil and acrylic painting, found object assemblage, sculpture, experimental video, digital illustrations, performance and poetry.

Her works have a lot to do with the state of being human and its influences with the spiritual, political, sociological, physical and other realms. Lewis finds it interesting to focus on human behavior because the mind is such a powerful tool that directs speech and action and it has yet to be fully discovered and there's a beauty in learning more and more about ourselves.

Rembrandt is one of Lewis' favorite artists, his works of bringing light to focus on his subject matters while plummeting them in darkness makes her think of solitary living. People may be in groups, but are still alone. It's the same with the mind and body, they both coexist in one vessel and will work together or act autonomously. 

When Lewis begins her projects, they normally stem from her poems before they land on paper as sketches. She will do research on her ideas to see in what ways they would best represent visually and what their lasting effects would be. Many of her works in undergrad were very hardcore subjects and made her audience very uncomfortable which was a reaction that she was looking for. She wanted to play a lot with pushing symbols, words and other visuals in people's faces and have them be restrained in a space they may not actually want to be restrained.

As her work continued to develop in undergrad, so has her thinking. Now, Lewis is creating reactionary pieces, she's putting herself on the other end of her former pieces where now she's the onlooker. There's a whole different mind set with being the audience reacting verses the performer acting and she wants to explore that too.

With her writing Lewis will make them about anything and everything. She has written about heartbreaks, past lovers, racism, random moments, political views, and other elements.

She plans to publish a poetry anthology, but for now some of her poems are available on her website.

Selected Group Shows


- (UP-COMING DUO EXHIBITION - Oct 10th - 17th social distanced - registration required for attendance)

Beyond Beauty: the ideal form at Mad Lab in Norwalk, CT curated by Lewis Derogene

(ON-GOING GROUP SHOW - Sept 3rd - 17th social distanced opening reception - appointment based) 

Bathing In Blackness at SoMad Gallery in New York, NY curated by Kamra Sadia Hakim

LIC LIVE ART at Plaxal gallery parking lot, Land Island City, NY curated by Furusho von Puttkammer


- Veiled art show in New York, NY curated by Sophy Chang, Anna Stallone, and Lewis Derogene

- Satellite Art Show at the Pfizer Building in New York, NY curated by Brian Whiteley

- GI Portal in Governor’s Island, NY curated by 4Heads

- Conception Art Show in New York, NY curated by the Conception Art Team

Open Studios in New York, NY curated by SVA's BFA Fine Arts Department


Open Studios in New York, NY curated by SVA's BFA Fine Arts Department

Fridge Art Fair - New York, NY curated by Eric Ginsburg and Amanda Acosta 


- Eclectic Zone - V-Spot Organic in New York, NY curated by Rey Naldo

- ARE - WE - MORE - The living Gallery Outpost in New York, NY curated by Lewis Derogene, Steven Drake, Haley Peacock and Vieno James

- We Dream In Color - Fantasy in Color (gallery) in New York, NY curated by Christy Ayala and Rob Ayala

- Planet X - The NYC Grind (gallery) in New York, NY curated by Santana and Safiel Vonay

- We Dream In Color - Fantasy in Color (gallery) in New York, NY curated by Christy Ayala and Rob Ayala

- Salutation Vineyard - The Powell State Building in New York, NY curated by Anthony Burton

- Genius Loves Company Remix - The Powell State Building in New York, NY curated by Gregory Mills

- Genius Loves Company - The Powell State Building in New York, NY curated by Gregory Mills

- Black History Month exhibition - SVA's Student Center, New York, NY curated by Cullen Rude and Maria Rovira-McCune


- Street Seats - downtown Stamford, CT curated by Stamford Town Center

- Norwalk Community College High School Art Invitational - Academic Festival in Norwalk, CT curated by Norwalk Community College 

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