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As an emerging artist, it can be a lot of work juggling day to day life and finding the means to create ambitious projects. My goal is to start creating life size sculptures and large installations to incorporate with my photography.

I work from my bedroom which does not have a lot of space to create and store physical art. So, I’m working with photography in the meantime.

Your support will not only help me fund my projects but also help me continue my pursuit of my passion in the arts.  Any support is appreciated and goes a long way in helping me make my dreams come true. I believe that art has the power to bring people together and create meaningful connections. So, I thank you in advance for your generosity and support and thank you for taking the time to visit my page.






Carina's Hand-PhenomenaLewis-2022-Digital Photography-17.28inX11.52in.jpg

"Carina's Hand," 2022
(c) PhenomenaLewis
Model: Carina Barajas
(Collaboration at Chateau Orquevaux Art Residency in 2022)

"Acceptance," 2022
(c) PhenomenaLewis
Self Portrait Photograph
(Part of the Inner Dialogue Project)

The Lady and The Chair

"The Lady and The Chair," 2022
(c) PhenomenaLewis
Self Portrait Photograph
(From The Lady and The Chair Project)

PhenomenaLewis - _More Than Valuable 2_ - 2021 - Digital Photography.jpg

"More Than Valuable," 2022
(c) PhenomenaLewis
Model: Oshinofa Lakoju
(Part of the More Than Valuable Series)

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