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"Understanding" Self Portrait Photograph By PhenomenaLewis (Lewis Derogene) Made in 2021.

  • 30in x 20in.
  • Limited Edition of 7.
  • "Understanding" a self-portrait photograph by PhenomenaLewis photographed in her bedroom in August of 2021 shows two images of her wearing blue satin fabric with a Black headwrap against a dark velvety background.
    The two PhenomenaLewis', a dark-skinned Black woman, are facing each other and one of them is wearing a pocket watch to represent time, while the other is wearing an earpiece that the other does not have to represent the past self.

    This self-portrait is about finding the real me in me.
    Often times we want to know who we are. When we search for answers, we do so through comparison of others through idolization or envy. We don't bother to enter the darkest parts of ourselves to really know who we are.
    This search is gloomy and dark because we have to face our past and all of its ugly.
    There are some memories that we'd rather wish we forget that we need to remember because it contributes to who we are as a person. Even the positive contributes, but they're all deep within us and we have to reflect in order to understand.

    I titled this piece understanding because it only makes sense that within our self-reflection we will get a better understanding of us.
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