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The Lady and The Chair

"The Lady and The Chair" is a short visual narrative with 25 self-portrait photographs. In this series, I represent the self and the chair represents the burdens that we carry. Day to day we struggle with burdens, whether it's the same one for the past days or more or it's a brand new. The weight of it is draining and the journey to letting it go is tedious, but we have to do it. We can't give our burdens to someone else to carry, they have their own, and we can't leave it somewhere that will lead us to right back into carrying it.

So, where is the right place to lay our burdens to rest?

The symbolism found within this narrative is more than just for ambient or sublime aesthetic, although it is my creative style. The symbolism in this series is about encouragement to keep going, to keep pushing through and not giving up until the end result is one that we are satisfied with. "The Lady and The Chair" is an extensive series and I wish to share whole series with you before releasing limited edition. You can now have a copy of the entire collection by purchasing "The Lady and The Chair" book by clicking right here.

"The Lady and The Chair" is a symbolic short film depicted through still images rather than dynamic motion.

This narrative revolves around the act of carrying our burdens while searching for the ideal spot to release them.

The photographs in this collection feature both myself and a chair, captured within the mayor's residence in France, during my four-week residency at Chateau Orquevaux in November 2022.

Although it is a self-portrait, I symbolize anyone who resonates with the theme of this narrative.

The chair represents the burdens we bear, while I personify the individual self.

The story starts with the sudden appearance of the chair in the front yard. After examining it, I begin to wander around looking for the right place to leave the chair.

Ultimately, in the end of this series, I position the chair alongside the clothes I was wearing on the window framing it.

I intend to present this short narrative as a solo exhibition, accompanied by a sculpture. I created this series into a book as well for people who wish to have the entire collection in their home without having to buy all the individual prints.

As I work on the project to prepare for an exhibition, I invite you to enjoy this curated selection of six images from the complete series.

View the Rest of the Portfolio Here

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