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Same As Yesterday

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"Same As Yesterday" _
Lewis Derogene (PhenomenaLewis) _
Self-Portrait Photograph | 2020 _
30in x 28.25in _
Limited Edition of 5 AP _

This self-portrait, which bears the title of "Same as Yesterday," is marked by a realization that it resonates with the prevailing theme of much of PhenomenaLewis's prior works – an overarching sense of darkness. The background, the color tones, all converge to project an energy of gloominess that she has persistently endeavored to break free from. However, amidst this pervasive darkness, there exists a singular, vibrant contrast: the striking orange element adorning her head. This pop of color serves as a potent symbol, representing the compelling need to transcend the dark confines of her own thoughts and emotions, ultimately inspiring a journey towards light and vibrancy.

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