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"Pneuma" Self Portrait Photograph By PhenomenaLewis (Lewis Derogene) made in 2020

  • Inner Dialogue series
  • 16.55in x 11.3in
  • Limited Edition of 5
  • When I photographed Pneuma I didn't have any preliminary sketch or thought, I just went right in with the photographs. I pinned one of my bedsheets to my ceiling facing the windows and just sat on my bed, grabbed my pillows and posed. I was wearing the same clothes that I go to sleep in. That's how much of an unplanned and un-thought-out photograph this was.
    When I started to edit this, I thought it would be another addition to my unpublished archive of photographs until I felt the art speak back to me. It's like the photograph was alive and it was talking to me, directing me in post-production on how it should be, on how it should look like.
    That's why I titled it Pneuma, because it carries part of my soul, and I became alive in another dimension.
    One of the limited-edition prints is part of Arthur Lewis and Hau Nguyen art collection.
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