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"Lethal" _
Lewis Derogene (PhenomenaLewis) _
Self-Portrait Photograph | 2020 _
30in x 21in _
Limited Edition of 5 AP | 4 AP Left _

In creating "Lethal," PhenomenaLewis contemplated the well-known adage that the eyes serve as windows to the soul. In her perspective, she believed her soul possessed a certain intensity and power that demanded respect and caution. To visually represent this, she deliberately chose an off-center composition, a departure from her typical style, to experiment with the concept of raw photography with minimal post-production editing.
Seated on her bed, and with no formal background in photography, she brought her face in close proximity to the camera lens. The aim of this endeavor was to test her ability to create a compelling work of art without extensive post-production alterations, while maintaining a focus on her eyes as the central element of the composition.
This artistic exploration served to emphasize the intensity and strength she associates with her inner self. "Lethal" stands as a testament to her venture into the realm of raw and unaltered photography, offering a visually striking representation of the power and potency she believes resides within her soul.

One of the limited-edition prints is part of Arthur Lewis and Hau Nguyen art collection.
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