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"Havoc" _
Lewis Derogene (PhenomenaLewis) _
Self-Portrait Photograph | 2021 _
45in x 31.6in _
Limited Edition of 7 AP _

In this self-portrait "Havoc," we encounter PhenomenaLewis, a dark-skinned Black woman whose rich, exaggerated dark skin stands out in stark contrast. She's draped in vibrant bright orange fabric, and her striking black headpiece complements the ensemble perfectly. The entire composition unfolds against a backdrop of velvety blue, creating a visually arresting and emotionally evocative scene.
This self-portrait bears profound significance, for it emerged during a tumultuous period in Lewis's life. At that time, she felt herself swept away by the currents of mental chaos, a state where she was essentially on autopilot, and the relentless monotony was driving her to the brink of madness. "Havoc" serves as her visual representation of this turbulent period, encapsulating the complex web of emotions, struggles, and vulnerabilities she experienced.
The striking interplay of colors, with the dynamic contrast between the bright orange fabric and the deep, velvety blue background, underscores the stark duality of her experience during that time. The orange signifies the vivid, intense emotions that often accompany chaos, while the serene blue backdrop serves as a metaphorical canvas for her internal turmoil.
In this self-portrait, PhenomenaLewis communicates the inner turmoil and emotional storms that can engulf one's psyche during periods of chaos. Through her art, she invites viewers to delve into the raw and turbulent depths of her psyche, where chaos and creativity converge, leaving an indelible impression of vulnerability and resilience.

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