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"Change" _
Lewis Derogene (PhenomenaLewis) _
Self-Portrait Photograph | 2021 _
Detached Mind Series _
12in x 12in _
Limited Edition of 7 AP _

In this photograph from the series, PhenomenaLewis opted for a full-body composition, capturing herself while kneeling on her bed, her gaze directed towards the bedroom window, using the soft, natural light that poured in. The image presents a side profile view, allowing the viewer to observe the full silhouette of her body, with her hands gently resting on her knees. She maintains a sense of anonymity by covering her face with a white scarf, emphasizing her unique style of self-expression. Much like, "A Moment" the previous photograph in the series, the skin tone is enriched with deep and pronounced hues, lending a sense of depth and emotion to the image. The photograph echoes her recurring theme of serenity and the sublime. While the original background boasted a teal tone, it has been transformed into a peach hue, a signature color that often graces her artworks, imparting a feeling of softness and tranquility to the scene.

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