Beyond Beauty: the ideal form  (Exhibition)

Beyond Beauty: the ideal form
Oct 10, 5:00 PM EDT
Mad Lab

Beyond Beauty: the ideal form is an exhibition curated by Lewis Derogene hosted by the Mad Lab team.

This exhibition will be open to the public from October 10 - 17, 2020 and it's located at Mad Lab 22 Leonard St, Norwalk, CT 06851.

Please RSVP above for a time slot to view this exhibition in person for the opening reception on Saturday, October 10, 2020.

This exhibition is a collection of illustrative designs by two Black womxn, Lewis Derogene and Scheba Derogene, depicting BIPOC womxn as ideal in their normality. There is a variety of illustrations with different forms of womxn from skin to hair to features and more.

Beyond Beauty: the ideal form is a celebration of all BIPOC womxn in all of our splendor and beauty.

With the different appearances that we all uniquely have, we break down the Eurocentric beauty standards by accepting who and what we are as well as standing strong for our choices of being unapologetically us.

We are beyond beauty, we are beyond the ideal form.

BIPOC womxn are beyond beautiful, and this exhibition is here to share that with you.


(All artworks in this exhibition are for sale. All proceeds go to the individual artists.

There will be a suggested donation at the door to help raise funds for the artist Lewis Derogene to attend an artist residency program with Chateau Oqruevaux for 4 weeks; the funds will cover the cost for the program’s fee, travel and meals for that whole month. Any contribution is appreciated). 

Inquiries for PhenomenaLewis' prints in this exhibition, please contact (203) 817-1801 or

Inquiries for Scheba Derogene's prints in this exhibition, please contact (203) 609-5942 or

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