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"Welcome to My Collection: Where Creativity Meets Serene Aesthetics."

Are you looking for art that can quiet your brain and give you a sense of peace?

Through my artworks you can explore sublime aesthetics through photography and other mediums inspired by self-love and newfound self-worth.

Sur La Table_PhenomenaLewis_digital photography_november 2022_15incX12.4inc.jpg
Lewis Derogene aka PhenomenaLewis, with her prints of "The Lady and The Chair" during her residency in 2022 in France.

About me

I'm Lewis Derogene, artistically known as PhenomenaLewis, and I'm a Haitian-born artist living in Connecticut.

My artwork is a reflection of my identity and the things that inspire me. My pieces incorporate many mediums, including painting, photography, and sculpture.


I'm particularly inspired by Rembrandt's ability to control the viewer's eye through chiaroscuro, by Aida Muluneh simplistic yet bold photo manipulations and Muholi Zanele's self-portrait photography.


My work is deeply rooted in my desire to be soft as a Black woman.


I invite you to explore my portfolio and discover the art I create.

PhenomenaLewis-Acceptance-2022-Self Portrait Photograph - 32x40 Edition of 5.jpg
PhenomenaLewis_In My Head_Self Portrait Digital Photograph_2023_53inX44in .jpg

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