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PhenomenaLewis_Detached Mind-A Moment_2021.jpg
Sur La Table_PhenomenaLewis_digital photography_november 2022_15incX12.4inc.jpg
PhenomenaLewis_I Am Here_Self-Portrait Photograph_2023_16x24in_.jpg
Billy and I_Digital Photograph_2022-2023_22.5x17.6.jpg
PhenomenaLewis_Release_2022_self portrait photograph_8x9.7.jpg

About me

My name is Lewis Derogene, artistically known as PhenomenaLewis, and I'm a Haitian-born artist living in Connecticut.

I create art reflecting the narratives behind being a Black woman and the resiliency of standing against stereotypes. 

PhenomenaLewis_Untitled_2024_Self-Portrait Photograph.jpg

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