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categorize my self portraits as "Afro Cogitatio."

Cogitatio is a latin word meaning to meditate, reflect, or think and since I am Afro origin I reflect on myself in every way I can to reach a total understanding of who I am.

I think it's important for people to know who they are. Whether someone is young or old, the mind and body changes everyday and how we view the world changes too as different economical situations present itself and environmental impacts affects our livelihoods like the Coronavirus. So, I want to explore my mind with all of these situations and dig deep.

Naturally I am an angry black woman that easily gets triggered by the smallest things because I dissect everything that's presented before me. However, I tend to surprise myself when my portraits come out strong in essence, but also very much sublime. They carry an aesthetic of elegance. 

It's a big difference to my writing, but having not been able to express my anger because being an angry black woman is so shunned; my anger, my shouts, my screams come out very quietly. Although that is the case, they manage to still reveal a small portion of their grandeur as an underlying layer that's not obvious to the eye, but is still present.

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