"Unmanifested Toxic Persecution" -  April 2019

Dimensions: 3 minutes and 30 seconds, 1920x1080,AAC, H.264, HD (1-1-1)

Medium: Video



This project is a short performative film with two characters, one who is passive and another who is aggressively annoying.

This film takes on a more personal approach from my life and what I experience with my roommate on my fourth year of college. I feel that my living situation is very toxic. So, the passive person represents me and how I remained patient and calm through all I had to go through with this roommate until I was ready to explode and realized that reacting from anger would not end on a good note for either of us. So, I noticed that all I had to do was ignore my roommate to continue enjoying everything else that was good in my life. This is a practical approach to the philosophy of living a blissful life by ignoring the negative elements.

So to switch up the storyline to be more of my style, I replaced the feud between both characters to be more socially relatable and the toxicity to relate to everyday addiction to technology. I’m trying to make a statement saying that we are so preoccupied by our phones and so connected to the world through an unhealthy means with technology that we don’t know how to become disconnected and recalibrate ourselves.

The need to be around technology is stronger than our desire of solitude, to go into a place whether physically or mentally to be immersed in ourselves by ourselves like in ”Walden.”

The short film will be presented in color to have more symbols for the emotions and extremism in actions versus reactions between both characters allowing the story to flow in a narrative form.

The audio portion of this video is very subtle due to the imbalance that would be present if there were a consistency with the audio matching the duration of the video, an upbeat sound or even mellow music. The folly works with the pages flipping and the tapping of the phone’s screen is the reel the audience into the video more.

I want there to be a sense of familiarity between the video and my audience where the dancing figure can represent any form of distraction in their lives and I want them to leave with the message that they can allow these distractions to pull them away from their goal or their work or they can continue doing what they love or what they think is the best thing in their life until it's accomplished.

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