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September 5, 2018

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Is It True

December 17, 2018


I’m troubled


Tuesday morning

After two weeks of not seeing each other

I slept over at your place

Seeing you next to me in the morning made my ovaries scream with passion

And no it’s not because I was on my period

But because I missed you

And I think you missed me too

Which is why you kissed my forehead

Then my nose

Then my lips

To say

“Buenos días Señorita”


What a beautiful way to wake up in Washington heights

With your neighbor playing Jose Alberto loud enough for the whole building to hear

And you smiling down at me as your dimples sink into your cheeks

It’s sight to see

Enough to stop my breathing

Because I like it

And I think you like it too

When I lean in to kiss your cheeks


And when you caressed my body

The warmth of your chest made my chest burst

And not because my nipples were exposed

But because I felt warm inside

And you held me

For longer than twenty minutes

Because I stopped counting after the first

Before I reached for my phone to check the time

We had to go

So we got up

And seeing you staring down at me with your intense brown eyes made me squeal


“I like you”

“Señorita, I like you too”

But it’s a dream

It’s all a dream that cannot be real

At least that’s what my family and my friends tell me

That you’re just too good to be true

That you’ll cheat

That you had many lovers before me


You’ll leave me when you meet a beautiful woman

A better woman

A woman that I am not


But now

You did leave


While pushing me away at the same time

And consoling my broken heart does not seem to be part of your plan



Because all of it

Was never true


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