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September 5, 2018

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May 12, 2018


I’m hurt

I’m hurt that people of the African diaspora are still being mistreated

You calmly arrest a person of a lighter complexion without causing bodily harm

But throw a brown skinned person’s face to the filthy floor of a restaurant and bare their chest to the public while placing your knee on their spine fracturing a few bones just to verbally assault them when all you could have done was “calmly arrest them without causing bodily harm?”

No shame



I’m hurt

I’m hurt that I’m still afraid to walk anywhere near caucasian people

In case they feel “uncomfortable” and want to call the police on me

I’m the one having to cross the street just to avoid them and quickly rushing by just to get to where I’m going

Thank you lady now I’m late for work

No shame



I’m still hurt

I’m hurt that the streets are slowly being rid of faces like mine

Due to the privilege of another

My colleagues, my classmates, my neighbor, my so called friend’s mother

We’re terrified of not seeing another day because our cellphones are mistaken for weapons

So now we’re calculating when is the right time to leave our only place for refuge, looking out the window to make sure it’s safe

This sure does feel like America again, America of the Jim Crow era

No shame



Continue to be paranoid




Or whatever queasy feeling you’re feeling inside your chest

Of people who are just trying to get by

Just like you are


Trying to feed their family

Trying to keep a roof over their heads

Trying to earn their diploma and land a job

Trying to pick up their siblings from school

Trying to visit a friend

Trying to buy treatments for their illness

Trying to peacefully ride public transportation

Trying to go home

Trying to enjoy life

Trying to live

Trying to  live

Trying to fucking live


Like everybody else on this quickly diminishing planet


How can you expect a group of people not to react angrily from these treatments?!


Can you expect me to not react angrily from these treatments?


No shame

You have no shame

For dialing the same numbers we all bond over in remembrance of loved ones gone from an attack no on can agree on as far as the perpetrator

Do you dial those numbers so you can feel more superior?

Do you dial those numbers so we can look up to you and you down on us?

Do you dial those numbers so you can show who’s boss?

Do you dial those numbers so you can fucking feel better about yourself because a person of a different race that does not share similar features to yours surpassed you in some way?

So I’m not the one who’s hurt here am I

You’re the one who’s hurt

Well why can’t you just accept differences

Differences in people and learn to live in unity


Fuck it

I’m hurt

Wait no

I’m more than hurt

But words asides from the ones I’ve already said cannot describe this painful feeling that’s overcrowding my mind

So dear whom-the-fuck-ever

Drop the phone and go fuck yourself


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