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September 5, 2018

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A Child With Fears

May 12, 2018


A child

A child is born without any fears

The only fear they have is of the darkness

But they wake up to the sun shining on their face

And a heavenly smile from their creator looks down upon them


A child is filled with giggles

Bubbles forming at the mouth as they try to form their words of pure love

They do not know what they are feeling

But it is equivalent to happiness

And they wish to keep that forever

Because a child is born without fears


The day they begin to walk

They begin to talk

Trouble comes

They wish they could just crawl back into the womb

They fell off the swings and wish they never received that cut on the knee

They wish they could take back those hurtful words they said to their younger sibling that caused them to cry

They fear those days and wish them away

But those days just keep coming back

A child has developed fears

The simplest disturbance of the mind of keeping their limbs free of bruises

And the eyes of their younger siblings dry from tears

Because a child is born without fears


They turn on the television

Watch television

Instead of the cartoons they see the news

They have ears that they hear stories with

Loss, abuse, death

All forms of malice they have heard happen to another

Fear structs as they ask themselves

Will this happen to me

Could this happen to me

My family, no

I wish to live forever and my family too

And my friends

And everyone

But reality structs by the time they are raging with hormones in their teenage years

Mixed emotions and confusion of why their crush rejected their love letter

Did you not hear, your crush lost a parent

They are too devastated to speak to anyone at school

Though they hated the pot roast from dinner

They run home to hug their mother and father and kiss their siblings, young and old

Grateful they did not lose anyone like their crush did

Because a child is born without fears


The sun no longer shines on their face when they wake up

And there is no smile looking down upon them at the first flicker of the eyelids in the morning

Instead they hear screams and shouts downstairs

Chaos has entered their home

Their nightmares has not become reality, they already were reality

The mother begins to abuse the younger child from experiencing abuse at work

Now their sight is gone from swelling that has not been looked after

The phone is ringing and it is a neighboring witness that saw and heard the police’s gun shoot their father through the chest

And their older brother has been falsely accused of selling drugs when all he had were science fiction novels in his backpack

I guess their parents can’t have that divorce now

And the one on one basketball game their brother promised will never come

And their younger sister will never be able to see the doll they bought for them with their bruised eyes

Because a child

A child is born without fears

Until they develop fears

And fears become reality

From exposure and just the plain truth of everyone living in a cruel world that does not care for the wounds of others unless it benefits them by gaining more healing points for their own wounds

A child

With fears

That should never be



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