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The Fishes

September 5, 2018

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It's Nothing

August 6, 2019


Tonight I swam in a sea of blues

The feeling of the water so warm

It tickled my soul

I laughed in jubilee as my fingers traced lyrics of love songs on the water that  carried me away to a land of utopia

The sea of blues safely placed me on a land of green

The feeling so cool

It hugged my spirit

I sighed blissfully as I breathed in aromas of honey and dew

The smells reminded me of a place existing only in my dreams

The land of green carefully covered me underneath its bosom

And I felt its massive weight press me down deeper into its core

Overwhelmed by its rockiness and heat

I pressed my tears of old heartaches and heartbreaks against the lava oozing out of its heart

And saw my tears evaporate

Into nothingness 


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