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September 5, 2018

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Stay Woke

July 28, 2017

(Photo credits to Stanley Leon__@StanleyLeonPhotography) 



Stay Woke

This is the song they sing

All the while still asleep

And having dreams of being awake

Planning to bring out truth

But being deceived and accepting lies

Exposing conspiracies that lies behind white walls

But only to fall into parts of the elite’s agenda

Stay woke?

Do you even remember the last time that you were awake

Let me remind you

It was before your mother, a woman

Took an oath to God to deliver you into this world for the will He had for you

You had a connection with Him and he knew who you were before the rest of the world did

But as soon as you saw the beautiful lies of this world

You turned your back with knives in it and fell into a deep sleep

Now all you can say is stay woke in your dreams

Stay woke…

What a conundrum to your feeble ears

Speeding it’s way around your mind leaving no trace of recognition

For if it did…

You would understand

And allow yourself to wake up and see the truth behind the veil of darkness that has blinded you and the rest of the world

Stay woke…


You need to be woke 

In order to stay woke


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