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The Fishes

September 5, 2018

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Hey Black Girl

October 25, 2016


Hey black girl

Did you know that you are hated

Because you are appreciated

For all the values you carry upon your hips

Precious stones you harbor on your back

Why are you just standing there

Looking as they steal from you with greedy hands

Grabbing and taking away your beauty to create imprecise features to glue on you

Brazilian weaves can’t compare to the the laughter behind those ads

But don’t forget to bleach your skin while you’re at it because we can’t see you at night

Even if the moon were to highlight your features in the midst of a storm

We don’t like it

So let’s strip it

And replace it

Now that’s better…

Hey black girl

Bit by bit you can remove the synthetic you and let the dandelion blossom from deep within

The lioness has got to awaken from struggling to be a dove all this time

Let power strive as you walk

Let them stare as your mane outshine the crown of queen Elizabeth

For you were the original queen and still are if you accept it

Don’t glare at your reflection in the mirror because from the time they laid eyes on you they couldn’t grasp the fact that they’re not the only beauty on this world

Couldn’t comprehend the beauty in difference

Fear overpowering them to hide your curls and let them fall while you go under the knife to tighten your lips and eat less so your butt won’t get in the way

All the while trying to become what they secretly admired

Hey black girl


And love yourself

Because the God that I know makes no mistake upon his creations

So why point your finger at God and be ungrateful

When you’re a precious flower in his garden

Hey black girl


Are beautiful

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