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September 5, 2018

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Beneath What The Eye Can See

October 21, 2016

(Photo credits - Stanley Leon) 

I know of nothing

Nothing for which I understand

Thought I understood

Concept of time

Of existence





It is now suffocating me

Enabling the flow of life

What has consumed my thoughts

Caving in to this dark place


Free me of this nightmare

Wake me up

Wake me up

Panic is suffocating my soul

Dismembering every moral cell in my being

Never experienced such sentimental escape



Let it rise to the surface of deception

They must see it...

They have to observe the smoke of the stars

As they descend from their heights

An entrance unlike no other

Capturing the hearts of the young

Rejuvenating the spirits of the old

Create an illusion of ephemeral freedom

Conjure the everlasting taste of death



Run to the hills

Never return to the abyss

That has crushed your mind into oblivion

It has come with fiery eyes

Blasting hatred deep within the corrupt…


Allow me not the ways of my ancestors

Laying with ashes of forgotten rituals

Drums conditioning minds with lies

Lies seen as truth

Lost of which road is

Which road is



Question it all!


Everything your fleshly eyes have observed

Question everything in this dimension

Question ...



Panic slept with my lover last night

Smoke dimming incense into eternal damnation

Enjoying a moment of blood quenching haze

The torture is unbearable

Can’t you see?!


It’s time!

Has your spirit awaken

Or have you just now realized it’s eternal sleep

Upon mounds of restless demons

Devouring every concept of your existence

Lavishing your breath around their necks

Drunk off your blood


Before they’re forever erased

Forever erased from the universe’s bosom


Yet again

I know of nothing

Of which I understand

Understand what is understood


Understand nothing...

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