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The Fishes

September 5, 2018

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The Moment

October 18, 2016


Holding the summer night breeze in my hands

Lifting up my gaze to the stormy nights

I heard it



Beating past the beat of my heart

Shattering the instruments of my soul

The trumpet

It has sounded

Where has all the anxiety gone?


The wind has lift up my voice

Into a soft song

I felt it



The trembling of the earth in fear

Before it’s creator

What have you committed to create such terror

Attacking your very depths into a hardened flower

You are nothing


A strong blast of energy runs through us

Spirits levitating to another dimension

A different world

Sweet voices of angels singing

As raspy voices of the tormented arise

Have you seen such a scene




Which is it?

The summer breeze in my grasp


It’s time to let go

All of the memories of childhood ghosts

To past lovers’ loving gazes

None for which shall embrace the thoughts of the new me

New me



I’ve got to let go

Enter the place of peaceful surrendering

Peaceful sensation



The summer breeze has escaped my loving touch

Silky white gown

Blowing with heaven’s breath

So soft against my skin

The feeling

What is it?

Heaven’s breeze in my lungs


Sing little black bird


The song of the moment in time

For which none shall ever forget

The moment

The time

Of the coming King

Returning for his bride


Farewell world of physicality

Hello world of spirituality


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