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The Fishes

September 5, 2018

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The Purification

October 17, 2016

 (Photo Credit - EdgarAlan)

Closing my eyes in this very moment

I allow the water to rush through my fingers

As the smell of sweet roses surrounds me

The soft heat of mist caressing my pores

The sensation tingling the coils of my hair

Making them dance


Opening my eyes in this very moment

I observe the drops of water

As they measure my body

From head

To toe

I observe the drop of water

That shimmers the dark brown of my shoulders

Glistening the gradience in color as it slides down




Closing my eyes in this very moment

I allow my hands to grasp the slippery substance

That creates bubbly foam all around me

Imitating the puff of my crown

Creating a pleasant friction against my skin


Opening my eyes in this very moment

I observe the purification of the blood

As it washes over me

Cleaning what was untouched

Replenishing my pores into breathing on their own

Allowing my skin to shine brighter than the sun

The blood now moves around to crown my crown

Absorbed through my skin into my heart

Whispering sweet proverbs

Causing a spiritual flow


Closing my eyes

I bow down

Face kissing the very ground that stables my stand

Before Him

My hands lifted up in the very motion of mother nature acknowledging her creator

And with one touch

Elevates my face to His


Opening my eyes

I stand before him

As he holds my hands in His



At that moment

He walks me over to the gates


Welcome home daughter

Welcome to the Kingdom of the one who reigns

Of the King of kings

Of the most High


At that moment

I exhale joy

And close my eyes

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