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September 5, 2018

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My Fear

September 26, 2016

 (Photo Credit - Stanley Leon)

It's the real deal
This fear in me
To hesitate before walking out the door
Because of the epidemic that has overtaken my kind
The unjustifiable extinction of my kind
I have heart clenching fear inside of me
Everytime I walk next to the protectors of the city
Hold your breath and walk the other way
So they won't think you look suspicious
Hold your breath and walk the other way
So you can live another day by the grace of God
I have fear inside that causes the uncomfortable moments of insecurity in classrooms where I'm forced to be taught of the greatness of one kind and not my own
The anxiety of having the cops called on me because a white male in a suit doesn't like the way I stood next to him on a crossroad
She attacked me he might say
Walk away with a smug look and flowers for his wife
As my mother fasts with cries of prayers on a sack
This fear inside of me is what keeps me hidden from all the enjoyable adventures of this world that weren't created for me
This fear inside of me causes unbearable prayers to go up every day hoping God will bring justice to the hated and the hated and the hated
I'm scared!
To be a young black woman in this country with a black sister, a black mother and a black father who are seen as undeserving for the very breath we breathe!
I'm telling you this fear in me
It's the real deal


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