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September 5, 2018

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How Love Works

May 1, 2016


Isn’t it funny

How love works

God knew how it would all work out

Before he even said

Let there be light

Before he designed his most complex creations

Adam and Eve

Before he allowed them to share an intimate connection


Isn’t it funny

How love works

You’ll meet someone

Whether it be accidental or randomly

Become their friend

Maybe even their best friend

Develop a covert feeling that

Decides to emerge at the enlighten spirit

Of love

Isn’t it funny


The pitter patter of your heart when

That very attractive person walks by

You mistake to be love

Rather than lust

Blindly following the hand of evil

Into a trap of hate

When love has been by your side the whole time

Just too tangled in between the chains

To turn and look love in the eyes

And say

Thank you God

Isn’t it funny

How God purposely placed that one person

Into your life as your best friend

To later become the fitting rib

That has been missing since birth

Think about it

It’s funny

How love truly works


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