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September 5, 2018

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April 13, 2016



Encircling the pattern carved deep within

This beating organ of mine that has a stream of abundant flowing life

Crimson life that journeys along the rest of me

Flows through these fingers that seem to find their way along the pages of a book

Unwritten by the author of sweet caresses

Flows through these fibers that seems to crown my head like that of a lion

Roaring for the attention of fierce recognition

Flows through the lips of unknown secrets

Whispering into the ears of the one who

No longer cherishes the sweet sound of hymns

The hymns that enlightened your mind...shhhh

Not the ones that corrupted you mind...


That govern my mind and not your own

The movement of my eyes

Following the swift motion of the curves upon your face

The curve that fuels the fire of desire

So let me resist….shhhhh (shakes head no)

Without your constant approach

Leading me into the path of death which you

Solemnly swear to protect me from

Oh just look at the spirits

That govern your mind and not my hushhh (chuckles)

Baby won’t you just listen to me

Telling you

Warning you

Of the spirits?

Encircling the hushhh

Sweet prince of the ghetto

Allow your ears to be fed with my constant nagging

The spirits

I’m telling you the hushhh

Is it not the sin of our ancestors

Adam and was it Eve?

That led to our failure to hold each other

To embrace the sound of the African drums

Which the doctors told my mamma was the sound of my heart


The sin, the sweet irresistible sin of wanting you

My mind making love to your mind

Oh wait, that’s immoral for is it not our body's duty to carry out this


Is it alright for me to return to my original rhythm

Without the interruption of your cerebral cortex

Allow me the chance to finish this one piece

Listen close




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