Cut the Cancer Cells

Racism is a cancer

It spreads through all the cells of America

And like most cancer

America’s racism will kill it

Before we are through with sharpening our knives

We feel we need to help America

By cutting out these cancer cells

And hoping that fresher cells will grow in its place

But we fail to realize that the cancer flows through its veins

And now America is suffering

Although we consider ourselves part of America

We don’t suffer from the cancer

Our only suffering is not sleeping a wink

To take care of America

To feed it

To burp it

To bathe it

To dry it

To give it medicine

To rest it

To walk it

To clean up after it

To educate it

To elevate it

To provide for it

To die for it

While America coughs blood and spits on our face

With bitterness and envy that we

We continue to live

And will continue to live

Cancer free

While America withers

And dies


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