I am not nice

Never was

People try and label me so

And I say no

I will rip a mofo’s head

With my damn hand

If they overstep me

Once I’ve done that

I want you to then call me nice

Call me nice once I’m through eating your heart of stone

Drink your blood of fire

And bathe in it

Call me nice

Once I’ve placed your head as decorations for my home

Next to the other wild animals

Call me nice

Once I’ve skinned your murderess hands and use them as a shawl

It’ll keep me warm in times of injustice

Call me nice

Once I’ve gutted your teeth to wear like pearl necklaces

I’ll make sure to have them on at your funeral

Call me nice

Once I’ve tied the rope you placed on my neck

Around yours

I think it’s just your size

Call me nice

Once I smoke out your eyes so you can see my fiery rage

Because afterwards you’ll have ashes in those sockets

Call me nice

Once I’ve buried you deeper than my ancestors

For once you’ll be the ones to carry them

Call me nice

Once I’ve burned your bones and danced on their ashes

It makes a cool effect

Call me nice

Once I’ve enslaved and imprisoned your children’s children

Then I guess we can call it reverse racism

Call me nice

Once I’ve gotten through with my revenge

Not now but

After the fact


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