Post-Humanity Collaboration

"In A State Of Mind"

Post-Humanity Collaboration Documentary Film
Obsessive Neurosis of Apocalyptica Part 2

"In A State of Mind" - March, 2017

Dimensions: 4' x 4' x 2.5'

Medium: Aluminum tape, muslin fabric and a projector.

This collaborative installation is inspired by the idea of post-humanity and its effects on the mind of a mutated robotic being. 

The mind of this creature is in an obsessive neurotic state of mind where they have no control over their actions, with the embroidery work in their hands, as well as no control of their minds, the video projecting from their head.

It has to do a lot with the idea that around a time as the apocalypse, people, or what's left of them would  try to find a balance or a tangibility to a no longer existing reality in life. 


The embroidery patterns reflecting the frenzy of the mind was created by the artist Soyoung Chang.

As for the figurine sculpture and video installation, those were created by Lewis Derogene.

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