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The Lady and The Chair



"The Lady and The Chair" is a symbolic short film in the form of still images rather than moving images.
This story is about carrying our burdens around to find the perfect place to set it down.
In these photographs are myself and a chair photographed in the mayor's house in Orquevaux, France during my 4 weeks long residency with the Chateau D'Orquevaux in November of 2022.
Although it is a self-portrait, I represent anyone else that relates to the symbolism of this story.
The chair represents any and all burdens and I represent the self.
The story begins with the chair appearing in the front yard. After briefly inspecting it, I begin to wander around with it to find the right place to leave it where I won't have to bear the weight of it any longer nor forget it to maintain gratitude of what was and what is.
I want to display this short film as a solo exhibition with sculptures that I plan to complete along with a book.
As I complete the project in its entirety in preparations for a show, please enjoy the few select images from the entire series.

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