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Preoccupied Spirits



This series of photographs was the last piece I created in academia. This piece was just the beginning to my journey of realizing my ideology and understand my creativity. I'm not saying that because it was the last piece I created while in school, but because of my newfound appreciation for visual stimulating work. It carries an aesthetic of darkness and I've come to realize that it's a big part of who I am and how I am.

This project emphasizes on the idea of the mind detaching from physical activities due to a preoccupation. Take for example when a person is in the shower, their body is concentrated on the fact that they are cleaning themselves, but their mind can be preoccupied with organizing a to-do list of the day.

So, with these photographs, Lewis wants to create a visual simile with the mind and its separation from the body. The spirit's aspect is depicted with the shadowy and foggy like the resemblance of the actual figure that is partially clear and in focus.

When taking these photographs, I set the camera to slow the shutter speed in order to capture their stance and movement.

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