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When the Sun and Moon Embrace

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"When the Sun and Moon Embrace" Self Portrait Photograph By PhenomenaLewis (Lewis Derogene) made in 2022

  • Inner Dialogue series
  • 48in x 32in
  • Limited Edition of 5
  • "When the Sun and Moon Embrace" Self Portrait Photograph by PhenomenaLewis.
    When I photographed When the Sun and Moon Embrace, I had no idea it would end up looking like this. In all honesty I was going to leave the original file in my archive, but for some reason I kept going back to it until I started playing around with it in post-production editing. I started to layer different cloud images around it and that's when I realized it started to look like two different parts of a day, the morning and night. It was similar to the line in my poem where I mentioned the sun and moon embracing, " brain, hoping to find that there is no rain - a place where the sun and moon embrace..."
    All of the pieces in the Inner Dialogue series are titled from my poem.
    This was photographed in my bedroom in Connecticut.
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