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When the Sun and Moon Embrace

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"When the Sun and Moon Embrace" _
Lewis Derogene (PhenomenaLewis) _
Self-Portrait Photograph | 2022 _
Inner Dialogue Series _
48in x 32in _
Limited Edition of 5 AP _

When PhenomenaLewis photographed "When the Sun and Moon Embrace," the outcome was far from her initial expectations. She candidly admits that she had no idea that the final result would take on its unique form. In all honesty, her intention was to preserve the original file within her archive, considering it for no further digital manipulation.
However, something about this particular image drew her back repeatedly, compelling her to revisit and engage with it. It was during the post-production editing process that she began to experiment and play with the image. As she delved into this creative exploration, she introduced different cloud images into the composition, layering them in various ways.
To her surprise, a remarkable transformation occurred. The image started to evolve into a visual representation of two distinct parts of a day – the morning and the night. This transformation resonated deeply with a line from one of her poems, where she had poetically mentioned the "sun and moon embracing." The artwork captured the essence of this embrace, a beautiful and harmonious merging of these celestial bodies in a realm where day and night converged.

The creative process behind "When the Sun and Moon Embrace" reflects the serendipitous and exploratory nature of art, where unexpected discoveries can lead to the most captivating and meaningful expressions.
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