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Secure Series 1 of 2

$4 500.00
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"Secure" 1 of 2 Self Portrait Photograph By PhenomenaLewis (Lewis Derogene) made in 2020.

  • 24in x 23in.
  • Limited Edition of 7.
  • “Secure” a self-portrait photograph by PhenomenaLewis, photographed in her bedroom in March 2020 and it shows PhenomenaLewis, a dark-skinned Black woman with dark black and white skin with only eyes showing staring straight forward under layers of different colored and patterned scarves.
    When I made this self-portrait photograph, I was still living in Brooklyn, like all of my other self-portrait photographs, this was taken in my bedroom and I wanted to do a performance where I would cover my whole head with scarves as a symbolism of feeling safe, feeling secure and I came out with this photograph.
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