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"Liberation" Self Portrait Photograph By PhenomenaLewis (Lewis Derogene) made in 2022

  • Inner Dialogue series
  • 30in x 20in
  • Limited Edition of 5
  • "Liberation" Self Portrait Photograph by PhenomenaLewis.
    Liberation is about feeling liberated.
    When I photographed this self-portrait I had my camera on the floor of my bedroom, and I took some of my fabrics and wrapped them around my body.
    I couldn't find my fan anywhere, but I knew I wanted some form of movement on the fabric so when I set the self timer on my camera, I took the fabric and flung it in the direction of the camera. As for my head piece, I tucked the other end of that fabric in-between some of my drawers to give the effect that it was also blowing in the wind.
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