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"Liberation" _
Lewis Derogene (PhenomenaLewis) _
Self-Portrait Photograph | 2022 _
Inner Dialogue series _
30in x 20in _
Limited Edition of 5 AP _

"Liberation" encapsulates the very essence of feeling liberated. In the creation of this self-portrait, PhenomenaLewis embarked on a quest for that sense of liberation.
Even though her fan was nowhere to be found, she remained resolute in her desire to infuse movement into the fabric. Determined to achieve her vision, she set the self-timer on her camera and, with an improvised flourish, flung the fabric in the direction of the camera. This unorthodox approach yielded a dynamic sense of motion and freedom.
For her headpiece, she ingeniously tucked one end of the fabric between some of her drawers, creating the illusion that it too was caught in the wind, adding to the overall effect of liberation.
During the photographic process, PhenomenaLewis positioned her camera on the floor of her bedroom, orchestrating an environment where she could freely wrap various fabrics around her body. This approach beautifully captured the essence of liberation, as the fabrics flowed and draped in harmony with her vision, ultimately resulting in a self-portrait that encapsulated the profound feeling of freedom.

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