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In My Head

$10 000.00
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"In My Head" Self Portrait Photograph By PhenomenaLewis (Lewis Derogene) made in 2023

  • 53in x 44in
  • One of a Kind - Limited Edition of 1
  • In My Head is a self-portrait photograph/mixed digital media artwork that represents the feelings of comfort, safety, love and trust in my mind ever since deciding to really focus on my relationship with God. I find myself more at peace and this is what it looks like in my head.
    To create this self-portrait, I photographed myself laying on top of my pillows on my bed while holding my over 15 years old flute in my hands. I used my canon rebel t7 camera to shoot this and for the environment around me I used Nomad Sculpt to 3D model everything around me. I set the lighting on nomad sculpt to match the lighting positions and angles from when I photographed myself to make it easy to composite and render together on Adobe Photoshop.
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