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"Hindsight" _
Lewis Derogene (PhenomenaLewis) _
Self-Portrait Photograph | 2021 _
40in x 50in _
Limited Edition of 7 AP _

In this self-portrait, PhenomenaLewis, a dark-skinned Black woman whose beautifully exaggerated dark skin commands attention. She stands draped in satin rouge fabric, concealing her eyes, adding an air of mystery and introspection. This striking image unfolds against a backdrop of deep rouge-hued satin, creating a visually captivating and emotionally charged scene.
This self-portrait, "Hindsight" by PhenomenaLewis, serves as a powerful visual metaphor for a universal human experience. It delves into the idea of being blinded by one's circumstances, only to gain clarity and understanding after the fact. It captures the essence of hindsight – the realization that sometimes, in the midst of a situation, we are unable to fully comprehend the implications or consequences of our actions. It's only with the passage of time that we attain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the events that have transpired.
In "Hindsight," PhenomenaLewis conveys the complexity of this common human experience, inviting viewers to reflect on the intricate interplay of emotions, introspection, and self-discovery that occurs when we gain clarity about past events. The rich, deep hues of the satin fabric and the backdrop provide a dramatic and thought-provoking backdrop for this exploration of the nature of understanding and the passage of time.

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