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"Acceptance" _
Lewis Derogene (PhenomenaLewis) _
Self Portrait Photograph | 2022 _
Inner Dialogue Series _
40in x 32in _
Limited Edition of 5 AP _

Creating the photograph was an enjoyable experience for PhenomenaLewis. As she captured the shot, she was testing her zoom lens. She took multiple shots before selecting this particular one, recognizing its significance. During the post-production editing process, she modified the color of the fabric surrounding her head from yellow to pink and introduced some alterations to the background with the clouds. The colors of the clouds were also adjusted. She further enhanced the image by digitally painting on her face, inspired by the creative process of "The Replacement of Pain."
The concept underlying "Acceptance" is rooted in its name. Despite her desire to lead a more tranquil life and embody it, PhenomenaLewis understands the necessity to embrace her current reality. However, this realization doesn't prevent her from occasionally letting her thoughts wander into the clouds.

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