"Night Time Routine" -  March 2019

Dimensions: 4 minutes and 5 seconds, 1280x720, AAC, H.264, HD (1-1-1)

Medium: Video



This video is an experimental take on a narrative depiction of my life.
The curious child represents a younger me who would be curious about the ways of life and why people would behave the way that they have. 
The mother represents my current state of mind, past the sense of curiosity where I have experienced the harsh brutality of life in its reality that has answered most of my questions from when I was a child.
It's a narrative take on a mother telling her curious daughter with an imaginatively innocent mind of the reality of this world and some of the people that live in it through a nighttime routine of doing her hair before bed. 
The visuals are meant to be more of a dream state with the interruption of reality's ugly face through the circumstances of our world through violence, hate, war, and more.

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