"Let Freedom" - April 2017

Dimensions: 6" x 16.8"  

Medium: Digital Photography.


This image is a statement of how the United States of America is known to be the land of opportunity, the land of freedom. Yet, you see many people dragging their hopes from the dust of their homeland for a better life, only to be cheated by a corrupt economy. Their hard works are seen as a commodity of the one percent’s greed for wealth and power. Their hands bleed to feed their children with silver forks and knives on a platter that isn’t gourmet. They force upon their faces a smile to appease the eyes of big brother in order to pass through yet again another trying day.

The land of freedom they say, yet not everyone is free from the systematic routines of clocking in and clocking out with one second yet to live. Freedom should ring from every mountain top, not from every politician’s house.


Model in image is Soyoung Jang in an installation space designed by PhenomenaLewis.

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