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Inner Dialogue

Inner Dialogue is a project about self-discovery and understanding. It's about an internal observation and a continuation of my last self portrait from 2021, "Understanding." 

These self-portraits incorporate darkness as a form of comfortability and represents the self-embracing.

About the photographs that I’m submitting for this open call, they are my self-portraits in a series I call Inner Dialogue.

When I created this series, it was about recent conversations, I had with myself about wanting to be softer with myself and all the way through because I was tired of always having to be strong all the time regardless of my situations. I wanted to be protected, especially as a Black woman, we are not often protected, and we carry so much around with us that we form tough skin. In this series I’m breaking that down.

The silkiness of the fabric is to represent vulnerability and the idea of being soft as a Black woman. 

These self-portraits that you see here are just the beginning of this project.

I plan to include sound art, installation, video, poetry, performance as well as mixed media sculptures.


If you wish to donate in aid of my project completion, you may do so by clicking the DONATE page in my menu settings.

View the Rest of the Portfolio Here

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