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"Comfort in Mind" is a series I started,  photographing my sister with elaborate and fluid style headwraps using comforters, blankets, and satin like curtains. This photographic series highlights the ideology behind my art practice which is to dismantle the harmful stereotypes that are placed on Black women by placing myself and other Black women with soft textured fabrics, soft lighting and or soft colors. "Comfort in Mind," a symbolism to its own name is a statement to all Black women that the act of being soft starts in the mind and that we are able to overcome and overpower these harmful stereotypes by nurturing what we decide to focus on.

This series is also inspired by Muholi Zanele's self-portrait photographic series Somnyama Ngonyama. I typically work with self-portraiture, and unlike Muholi's works, for this series I decided to be behind the camera only and not in front of it. 



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