Documentation of video installation​

"Execution of the Limited Self" -  April, 2018

Dimensions: 1920 x 1080, 1.64 GB, 14 minutes and 3 seconds, AAC, H.264; L= 7', W= 6', H= 7'.

Medium: Video Installation


This video installation is a metaphor to the craziness that I undergo as an artist who is told that certain things cannot be done due to set ways that have been made many years prior as to creating successfully, or from my interpretation of it, a creation deemed "white box" worthy. 
I've been told countless time to choose a medium, while in mind I have no medium of choice, and told what subject matters to cover; being a black woman, I've been told to create art about either being black, being a woman, or both. These works have already been made and are still being created today, I don't want to have to follow what everybody else is doing and recreate or be told what to create. This issue drives me insane because I'm trying to push past it, push past these barriers or limits based on my identity and create whatever I want to create with no apologies.


Within the installation is an electric chair that was constructed by PhenomenaLewis in the metal shop of SVA. The walls of this installation are ceramic tiles also made by this artist.

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