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"Refine" is a fashion editorial that I created as my final project for my first semester in Grad school. Although it is a class assignment, I treated it like a personal project. So, let me present to you a narrative about fighting against harmful stereotypes through fashion.

Photography and styling: Lewis Derogene (PhenomenaLewis). Model: Marie Lisa Derogene. Makeup artist: Vickiana Hadassa Louis.


This editorial was inspired by the story of "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" and the journey that Shuri, the main character, went through to recognize and acknowledge her worth, her value, her inner Black Panther. I created a storyline similar to this with a concept of my model being isolated in a room, almost as if she's boxed in because that's how it feels when we, Black women, allow the negative stereotypes of the world define us. Stereotypes such as we're aggressive, we're rude, we're tough, we can carry everybody's loads and burdens, and much more.

She starts to find her inner peace as she goes through 5 different looks that is activated by the mirror that reflects her worth producing self-love and joy, symbolized through flowers. 

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