Digital Illustrations

These digital illustrations began with random portrait cartoons drawn on Instagram story and they evolved into something more. Scroll down to see an archive collection of previous illustration designs.

These illustrations are in constant flux with minor details as you can see from my archive collections. 

The story behind these designs is my fascination with beauty. Different beauty standards that are not imposed by the Eurocentric "ideal." By definition that would include wide faces, narrow faces, spread apart eyes, too close together eyes, no hair, short hair, long hair, dark skin, light skin, and more. One beauty standard that is the same throughout is the elongated neck. I find that to be so beautiful and empowering because it's a metaphor, a visual representation, of a woman's strength and power. When a woman elevates her head, her neck appears longer and having your head elevated gives you an appearance of self assurance and confidence and I feel that all women, and I mean ALL women, should walk around with their heads held high.

However, I do exclude some features from my illustrated characters like their noses. I feel that with a nose anything can take the form of life and I don't wish to bring my characters to life. I know that art has magic and I want to be careful with how I use my art, so consciously I exclude the nose. I also illustrate my characters without eyes because like the quote says, "the eyes are the window to the soul," and I don't wish to capture anyones soul through these characters.

Archival digital illustrations (the journey and evolution)