"Constant" -  December 2018

Dimensions: 4 minutes and 54 seconds, 1920x1080, AAC, H.264, HD (1-1-1)

Medium: Video

This short film is based on ignorance being bliss.


It all starts with a pregnant woman who is so traumatized by the news that she sends herself into a shock. She notices blood that came out of her uterus and thought she had a miscarriage.

So, she uses this blood to create a painting to help her overcome her trauma.

This blood painting was only a small portion of the daughter she later had. The daughter and this painting have a strong connection that when the daughter approaches the painting and touches it, she gets a flashback to her mother, pregnant with her at the time, being horrified by the news.

She also discovers that this blood painting is hiding a hole that the daughter will later enter into another dimension. In this other realm she will face the agony from Constant, the personification of news media.

The story continues where the daughter tries to escape Constant and becomes successful and finds herself home again. She decides it's better to forget that horrible occurrence and enjoy living her life with her mother.

However, they both know that they can’t forget or ignore what they experienced.

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