(A view of my greatest installations, experimental videos, mixed media drawings, and photographs during my time at the School of Visual Arts)

For most of my youth, the artworks that I have been creating were during my time in academia.

Although a lot of them were assignment driven they were also personal in ownership of originality in idea and creativity. I feel that they were and are not entirely what I am about, at the same time they were and are entirely what I am about.

I am about a lot of situations.

Of course I'm still trying to figure out what my ideology is now as an artist and what it is I want to create.

I'm still exploring myself and what it is I gravitate towards towards as far as psychologically or sociologically.

I do know that a lot of the work that I create are inspired by my writings. These writings are normally of horrible experiences regarding my race, political views or spirituality.

The photographs, installations, mixed media and drawings that I have on this page are still much a part of who I am, they just aren't always there for who I am.


This series of photographs was the last piece I created in academia. This piece was just the beginning to my journey of realizing my ideology and understand my creativity. I'm not saying that because it was the last piece I created while in school, but because of my new found appreciation for visual stimulating work. It carries an aesthetic of darkness and I've come to realize that it's a big part of who I am and how I am.

This project emphasizes on the idea of the mind detaching from physical activities due to a preoccupation. Take for example when a person is in the shower, their body is concentrated on the fact that they are cleaning themselves, but their mind can be preoccupied with organizing a to-do list of the day.

So, with these photographs, Lewis wants to create a visual simile with the mind and its separation from the body. The spirits aspect is depicted with the shadowy and foggy like the resemblance of the actual figure that is partially clear and in focus.

When taking these photographs, I set the camera to slow the shutter speed in order to capture their stance and movement.


"Preoccupied Spirits" -  March 2019 - Dimensions: 88" x 44", 69" x 44" - Medium: Digital Photography


These are some of the experimental videos that I've directed and produced. Creating these videos gave the a great feeling of being a new. Video was not my first love in art making, but it sure was a good lover.

This short film is based on ignorance being bliss.

It all starts with a pregnant woman who is so traumatized by the news that she sends herself into a shock. She notices blood that came out of her uterus and thought she had a miscarriage.

So, she uses this blood to create a painting to help her overcome her trauma.

This blood painting was only a small portion of the daughter she later had. The daughter and this painting have a strong connection that when the daughter approaches the painting and touches it, she gets a flashback to her mother, pregnant with her at the time, being horrified by the news.

She also discovers that this blood painting is hiding a hole that the daughter will later enter into another dimension. In this other realm she will face the agony from Constant, the personification of news media.

The story continues where the daughter tries to escape Constant and becomes successful and finds herself home again. She decides it's better to forget that horrible occurrence and enjoy living her life with her mother.

However, they both know that they can’t forget or ignore what they experienced.

"Constant" -  December 2018 - Dimensions: 4 minutes and 54 seconds, 1920x1080 - Medium: Video

"Execution of the Limited Self" -  April 2017 - Dimensions:14 minutes and 3 seconds, 1920x1080 - Medium: Video

"Execution of the Limited Self" -  Nov. 2019 - Dimensions: 3minutes and 31 seconds, 1920x1080 - Medium: Video

This video was part of my installation which represents a metaphor to the craziness that I undergo as an artist who is told that certain things cannot be done due to set ways that have been made many years prior as to creating successfully, or from my interpretation of it, a creation deemed "white box" worthy. 
I've been told countless time to choose a medium while in mind I have no medium of choice and told what subject matters to cover; being a black woman, I've been told to create art about either being black, being a woman, or both. These works have already been made and are still being created today, I don't want to have to follow what everybody else is doing and recreate or be told what to create. This issue drives me insane because I'm trying to push past it, push past these barriers or limits based on my identity and create whatever I want to create with no apologies.

I was fortunate enough to display this video as an installation for the Fridge Art Fair in Spring time 2018. curated by Eric Ginsburg and Amanda Acosta. It was held in the NU Hotel. Overall it was a pretty great experience. 


This video is a self-portrait of myself reflecting my reaction to being bombarded by a load of demands from the institutions that I have experienced and how it makes me feel as if they are pulling away my true self to mold me into a self that is "desirable" in the art world.

"It Made Me" -  March, 2018 - Dimensions: 3 minutes and 31 seconds, 1920x1080 - Medium: Video

WARNING: Graphic gun sounds.

When I was creating this sound piece, I initially had the intentions of creating a short film with no visuals. Of course as I continued with this project it changed a bit, but still hold the intent of telling a story.

When I presented this piece in front of my classmates, they were terrified and I realized that I get satisfaction out of that reaction from my audience.


This sound piece is about fears of an end to everything we know no longer being mystified but becoming a reality.

"Unreal" -  December, 2017 - Dimensions: 1 minute 25 seconds, MP3 audio - Medium: Video

Documentation of Unreal


"Revelation" -  December, 2017 - Dimensions: 2 mins 7 seconds, 1920x1080 - Medium: Video

"Revelation" -  December, 2017 - Dimensions: 1 min 11 seconds, 1920x1080 - Medium: Video

There are two versions to this film. The 2 minutes version was the original, while the 1 minute version is the remake after a critique I received from one of my film professors. He told to me remove all the other unnecessary distractions and just get straight to the point.


This short film is a sequel to my first Revelation film.

The characters in the film represent my reaction mentally and spiritually to the events that are happening around the world and it's connection to the book of Revelation in the Bible.

“Ecclesiastes” - November, 2017 - Dimensions: 2 minutes and 29 seconds, 640x480 - Medium: Video

This video art piece is a compilation of clips from people's lives starting from the day they came into this world to their moment of death and every other events that can possibly happen in between.

It's related to the book of Ecclesiastes from the Bible.

The book in retrospect speaks of the meaning and point in life which is none because eventually, despite all you've accomplish and all you've experienced, you won't get to relive those moments when you're dead. So, why not live in the now rather than for the later because you don't know what the later has in store for you.